Tuesday, May 18, 2010

This Week's Shitty Blue Jay: Brawlin' John Frascatore

I love celebrating these no-name blue-and-whites that have contributed to my misery. Love it, totally.

John Frascatore was a middle relief-er who came to Toronto in the 1999 mid-season, as an afterthought of the Tony Batista trade with Arizona (where we made out like a bunch of criminals, because Batista, Jose Cruz Jr., Raul Mondesi, and King Carlos Delgado were a then record-setting group to hit 20 HR or more before the All-Star Break in 2000.), Frascatore performed well in middle relief. He posted 7 wins and 1 loss, maintaining an ERA of 3.41 in 1999 for the Jays.

Unfortunately, the year 2000 was not so kind to John. He posted a record of 2 wins and 4 losses, with an ERA of 5.43. His frustration led to the famous dugout brawl with former Jay and then pitching coach Dave Stewart. Stew, a fierce competitor himself, gave no quarter, and the brawl took extra steps to the Jays clubhouse.

Frascatore was apologetic and remorseful afterward, but his career as a Blue Jay was pretty much over. Stewart must've laid a beating on him! He played for the Jays until 2001, and then was banished to the minors and never heard from again.


Is currently part of a high school faculty at Nature Coast, Florida. Oddly enough, was recently removed from his coaching job for the Class 4A Baseball team for being ultra-competitive, despite leading them to the playoffs.

No shit. Read the article here:


That's why I decided to keep his nickname up on the marquee. Always brawlin'.

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Next week: Tony Batista!

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