Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Kat Dennings Was In Town And Nobody Told Me About It?!!!

Holy fuck! Are you guys fucking kidding me?!!!

I got a chance to watch Defendor a little while back, and I'm pretty pissed off that Norah from Nick And Norah's Infinite Playlist, one of my favourite movies of all time, was in my city and I didn't hear about it at all! I'm pissed off beyond comprehension!

As I watched this movie, I recognized all of the landmarks that seemed to be on the obvious side.

I totally saw the Show World peep show back alley from when I used to go there. I remembered all the perverts walking in there with their short gym shorts and no underwear, but armed with lots of quarters. Of course, I only needed 50 cents, and I was ready to go out the back way, into that back alley.

How could you not see the Columbia Chemicals site? They were the only ones on Burlington Street with stacks and stacks of white, blue and black smoke coming out of them consistently.

How about the now-defunct Harvest Burger? That place was an institution! I enjoyed their greasy food, and their ratty fold down chairs, and the bums that hung about in the bar area. I'm soooo happy somebody caught that on film. At least when I yearn for the place, I can watch that scene where Woody Harrelson gets busted by the cops there, over and over again.

And what about Jackson Square? The scene where Kat walks by the dry cleaners her dad owned. Goddamn, I walk through there every week!

I enjoyed Defendor. Like Nick And Norah was a love song to New York, Defendor was, it seemed, a love song to my beloved city of Hamilton.

About the author:

Everytime he arrives to the Hammer, wherever he's coming from, he always mutters, "hello, beautiful," and means it.

Anyway, the house in Hamilton is sold, and I'm off to greener pastures. It might be quite a while before I come back to the big city. I'll miss you, Hamilton.

I love you. Always will.