Friday, May 25, 2012

Download This! Go Where the People Dance w/ CD Cover!

go where the people dance 

beach house - myth
keep shelly in athens - our own dream(blackbird blackbird remix)
m83 - kim and jessie
moon boots - bills to pay
jupiter - mama used to say
lana del rey - blue jeans(moonlight matters remix)
childish gambino - heartbeat
pacific! - hold me(breakbot remix)
midnight magic - drop me a line(holy ghost remix)
metric - help, i'm alive(the twelves remix)
gamble and burke - let's go together(grum remix)
housse de racket - chateau(punks jump up remix)

download here:

- I was a heavy metallist in the early 90's, before Kurt Cobain obliterated my people with his shitty Fender Jazzmaster.  I had to bury my metal tendencies deep down and began to appreciate technically shitty and very lazy indie rock(remember Pavement, anyone?).  I went through all kinds of transformations and progressions, but kept my metal roots.  Moving into electronic music was an organic transition, since indie rock and all of it's shittiness was becoming very boring, and was trying to shift in that direction anyway.
- The Moon Boots/Jupiter/Lana Del Rey section is awesome.  I'm enjoying the use of Virtual DJ.  The song to song transitions are starting to get less sloppy now.
- I went to one of the last Disco/Punk's that I will ever attend, and DJ Nights played something so killer, that I had to ask him who the fuck it was.  Breakbot.
- Disco/Punk no longer exists in Hamilton.  My wife and I are looking for another one.  Any suggestions?  We are trying to follow the title of this mix.  Reply below or e-mail me.

Friday, May 4, 2012

From the Electric Youth Show . . .

"You buy this shirt!  I usually wear mine with a nice pair of jeans and boots!  You'll look totally swag!"