Thursday, January 27, 2011

Will Blog For Food!

Not any kind of food, mind you.


The P90X diet is slowly shedding off my excess weight. Two weeks in, and I've already dropped 7 pounds! I look leaner, and I feel great. I have boundless energy. I'm at a pace where I'm going to surpass my goal.

So why must I spoil it by poisoning my body with bad food? Well, as humans we are a fallible creature. We are prone to make mistakes. We are not perfect. To expect ME to stay the course of perfection for a straight 90 days is fucking ridiculous.

Depriving yourself of primal pleasures such as enjoyment of junk food would kill your spirit, diminishing your success for 90 days.

So I'm modifying the P90X diet a bit, adopting what I learned from Body For Life, adding a cheat day once a week. I'll incorporate that cheat day along with days that I don't need to work out (and days when I need to replenish my cupboards with good food). It makes the journey a little bearable.

Mind you, if there is too much garbage in my system, I've noticed that my workouts go right to shit. So my cheat days will be a bit more controlled.

I've already made a list in my head of what I will have every week.

This week: WINGY-WINGS!

Click on the button to the right to BUY ME A COFFEE! Or a donut, or a danish, or a dutchie, or some cookies, or some muffins . . .

Monday, January 24, 2011

Fake It 'Til You Make It!

Ever wondered what happened to Steve Urkel from Family Matters? If you said, 'FUCK NO!,' well you are just full of shit. Bitch, please!

You can check him out in his new project Fake It 'Til You Make It, here:

Bet you didn't know his real name, huh? Quit lying.

Relative to this post, download this Death From Above track from their CBC session:

Death From Above 1979 - If We Don't Make It, We'll Fake It

Now that they've reunited, maybe I will have the opportunity to check them out in person . . .

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Happy 100th Post!!!

Who would've thought that I would even make it to 100? Dear readers, if you stayed with me so far, you have sat through some Shitty Blue Jays, illegal downloads, bad journalism, and lots of cussing. Congratulate yourselves for sitting through that.

I promise that the next 100 posts will be more of the same!

I can't deviate from this crappy formula, after how far I've come . . .

. . . in your eye!

That's what we call, 'having your cake and eating it, too!'

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Fucking National!

I'm not one for trying on new music. You can ask anybody. I'm the worst for bands with the hype machine behind them, or just acts that a lot of people like, I'm not into it. I don't buy that shit. I can think for myself, thanks.

But there was something about slowly drifting off into sleep late last night, after my husbandly duties were fulfilled, and I'm just looking for something, some surface noise to leave on while closing my eyes into oblivion. I saw this band on Austin City Limits, that caught my ear(before that ear started eavesdropping on the pillow). They were The National.

I've heard of them before. Took a pass. But something about the ACL performance caught me. I grabbed a copy of High Violet, and I was floored!

I even had a copy of "Mr. November," somewhere lying around and I couldn't put 2 and 2 together. I'm fickle like that with music. Some act has to strike me somewhat profoundly for me to somehow even remember who they are.

The singer, Matt Berninger, is nothing special from a technical standpoint. A lukewarm baritone if that. But something about the way he emoted his delivery just drove his sorrow to the pit of my stomach. It helped that the group sounded so tensely versatile, that they could have broken my heart at will!

As I will somehow reach back into their back catalogue(thanks, internet!), I suggest that maybe you should pick up, High Violet.

This band will break your heart.

Check out "Bloodbuzz, Ohio," below! And someone click to the right and BUY ME A COFFEE!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Thoughts On Dotel . . .

Jays GM Alex Anthopoulos has been dangling this piece of news for the past week, and the rumour mill was probably stirring this up two weeks before that. As expected, to shore up the relief corps after losing Kevin Gregg and Scott Downs to free agency, AA signed Octavio Dotel to a 1-year $3 Million deal with an option for '12.

Although Dotel has been a journeyman pitcher as of late, he sounds like a front runner for the closer's job, left vacant by Gregg. Years post-Tommy John, Dotel looks like he's slowly regaining his form when he saved a career high 36 games.

I remember sitting at the bleachers in 2005, against Oakland. Our team had nothing for bats. We were going into the 9th losing 2-1 (I don't even know how we scored the one run. We were pathetic that year!), I was hearing this pop coming from the Oakland bullpen. It was violent, loud and scary. It was Dotel warming up.

I guess I was optimistic back then. I always pegged Dotel as a 100-mph flame thrower, and I thought that the 2005 edition of the Jays ate flame throwers for breakfast. So here we are, going into the bottom of the ninth, last bats:

Dotel strikes the first batter out.
Dotel strikes the second batter out.
Dotel strikes the third batter out. Game over. Dotel shuts me up.

He closed that game like he was on autopilot. If you can recall how Gregg used to put us into fits last year, trying to find the strike zone, I'm sure you think Dotel would be a welcome pick-up.

It's quite the value as well. $3 Million buys you some competitive fire in the bullpen, with Jason Frasor and David Purcey competing for the closer position. Dotel's signing elevates everybody's stature. And if he does pan out as the guy you put on the mound in the 9th inning, you might be guaranteed 20 saves, which is not glaringly ugly from a value standpoint considering the dollars involved with closer money.

With all that said, welcome aboard, Dotel! I'll keep the 'YOU SUCK,' comments to myself for now.


- To buy some more relief insurance, Jays GM Alex Anthopoulos took a flyer on former NL Cy Young winner Chad Cordero. Cordero is one of the last links to the famed Montreal Expos. The Blue Jays are known to pick from the Expos scrap heap (see Tomo Ohka, Brad Wilkerson), so this isn't anything new. Expect Zach Day to be next year's bat boy.

If AA is feeling charitable, he should sign this guy:

He's multi-talented!

- Congratulations to Roberto Alomar for getting his due at the Baseball Hall Of Fame, who was elected yesterday.

For those attending his induction ceremony, please wear a raincoat. He's a bit of a spitter!

Say it, don't spray it, Roberto!


Saturday, January 1, 2011

And Album Of Year For 2010 Goes To . . .

Crystal Motherfucking Castles' II! This release, unlike their first record, is progressively getting darker, angrier and with more purpose.

You can just tell that Ethan Kath, along with his junkie sidekick, Alice Glass, are exploring new forms of discord and noise to add to their sonic assault.

Let's just hope they don't put out a Gospel Rap album for their next release . . .

Totally moving, totally awesome. It's been on my playlist in one form or another for most of this year. Pick it up. Enjoy.