Saturday, November 27, 2010

We Are Moving!

That's right, folks!

Sorry about the lack of posts as of late. Just finished packing and getting ready for the move.

So, in bullet form . . .

Things We Will Miss About Hamilton:

- Sushi Delivery. Sushi To Go on James Street North provide us with that city-fied convenience of not having to leave your house for anything. Pretty good, too.

- The almost completed and revamped Public Library. If you've seen it, the place looks futuristic.

- My favourite vinyl stores. Both Cheapies and Dr. Disc are my secret retreats if I need to disappear for a few hours. As I've indicated in this blog, both have my weakness: The cheap, 5 for $1 vinyl bins.

- James Street North. I love the idea of walking up and down this street to sounds of Portugal in one part, to Africa in another. Also a healthy population of scene-sters are emerging in this area, steadily taking over with their Art Crawls and Super Crawls every month.

- This Ain't Hollywood. This bar is two blocks away from my house and I just found it. It's hip enough for this socially-inept blogger. It's not the Townehouse, the ElMo, the Wick, or Absinthe, but it'll do. Two blocks!

- "I Say Disco/You Say Punk!" at Club Absinthe. I'm honoured to say that I met my wife there. But before that, I found a basement bar that looked like a fire hazard, was dirty as hell, and louder than a motherfucker. But I couldn't imagine myself being anywhere else! Let's get good Hamilton!

And on another note, this is just our little secret . . . this blog is moving, too. We'll keep you posted!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Download This! People Can Do the Most Amazing Things

People Can Do the Most Amazing Things

01 Medeski, Martin and Wood - Let's Go Everywhere
02 The Ting Tings - Hands
03 Kisses - People Can Do the Most Amazing Things
04 Cartel De Santa - El Cabron
05 Usher ft. Pitbull - DJ Got Us Falling In Love Again
06 Shakira - She Wolf (Villains remix)
07 The Dream - Fast Car
08 Grum - Can't Shake This Feeling
09 Fever 105 and Himan - I Want You
10 CSS - Let's Make Love And Listen To Death From Above
11 Death From Above 1979 - Blood On Our Hands
12 MSTRKRFT - Vuuvuu
13 Crystal Castles - Black Panther
14 The Chemical Brothers - Dissolve (Bloody Beetroots remix)
15 Miike Snow - A Horse Is Not A Home (Shitsmiths remix)
16 The Hours - See the Light (Calvin Harris remix)
17 Boys Noize - 1010
18 The Twelves - When You Talk
19 Chromeo - J'ai Claque La Porte
20 Van She - Sex City (The Teenagers remix)

Quick Quips:

- This mix has been road tested. We were shaking our asses from Sudbury heading for Hamilton!

- The Medeski, Martin And Wood track is fucking amazing. Just discovered it while watching an episode of Eastbound And Down. Downloading this mix just to get that song is well worth it, trust me.

- The Cartel De Santa track is from Eastbound And Down as well. It's from that scene where Kenny Powers and his sidekicks are cruising around Mexico in mopeds looking badass and pimp. 'El Cabron,' means, 'the bastard.' The title is just pure coincidence.

- Let's just have some fun and dance!

- That Ting Tings track is a motherfucker! I can't go through a day without listening to it and breaking into a sweat. Probably single of the year.

- The Van She track is originally a Crystal Castles song. I dug it up, along with my previous MSN chats with a bunch of horny MILFs. Goddamn, those bitches make me blush!

- The title is from the Kisses track.

- It's for Lise, who does amazing things. The person I've been making these mixes for . . . And you guys also, of course!

Download link here:

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ebbet's Fucking Field!

I was just recalling my trip to Brooklyn in 2008 and found Ebbet's Field. Here are some pictures of what I discovered.

Ebbet's Field was torn down in 1962, it used to be situated on a garbage dump called, 'Pigtown.' After the wrecking ball got to it, the land was then converted into tenement-style apartments.

It was hard to find, and was located in the worst part of town. It's a wonder anybody wanted to go there at all. It was on the wrong side of Flatbush, close to a rough-looking supermarket and a couple of chop shops.

The schools around it still adorn pictures of Jackie Robinson, Pee Wee Reese, and Duke Snider. When you got there though, you sense a detachment to all of this. They made it look like a novelty.

I tried to picture the old entrance, visualizing where things would have been over 50 years ago, before my team, the Dodgers, left it in 1957, and demolished in 1962.

Was I standing where the rotundas would have stood? Where would the grandstands have been? Is this where the short right field fence once was? Where was Jackie Robinson patrolling the infield with Pee Wee?

When I went and explored the old remnants of Ebbet's, I was trying to feel the magic that happened long before I was born. There was no evidence of any of that. Of course, it was 50 years since all this happened, but still! It wasn't as special as I envisioned it to be.


Baseball is over for now, but here's a few things that I have in my possession that would keep me warm on those long cold winter nights . . . With the exception of your mom, of course.

- The Tenth Inning - Ken Burns' documentary lives on, so that I don't need to replay all nine innings in my collection. New things on the agenda like the steroids and more steroids. I really enjoy the 'Ichiro,' passage. It would make a perfect Christmas present to your favourite foul-mouthing, heavy-metalling, mom-loving, blogger. (HINT HINT!)

- Baseball books I re-read - My all-time favourite baseball books to revisit:

The Artful Dodger, by Tommy Lasorda
The Wrong Stuff, by Bill Lee
Good Enough To Dream, by Roger Kahn

I use all of Tommy's parable-like stories and apply them in real life. All of my friends hate it when I start a conversation with, 'let me tell you a story about . . .'

Bill Lee's frank and smart-alecky recollection of his days with the Red Sox and the Expos make ME want to drink and do drugs . . . and throw bullshit junk left-handed. It might land me a contract!

In Good Enough To Dream, 'Macho Studley,' has never sounded more noble.

- New baseball books to explore - I gather up all kinds of books about baseball from all kinds of nooks and crevices. If you have some that you think I don't already have, give me a quick tickle on my G-SPOT and let me know, but believe me, I have a ton of books! I never get rid of them! Here is my list of reading material for winter 2010:

Tomorrow I'll Be Perfect, Dave Stieb
The Duke Of Flatbush, Duke Snider
A Dream Season, Gary Carter
Nine Innings, Daniel Okrent

Anyway, stay warm, check in with me once in a while to catch up. And don't fret, pitchers and catchers report for duty in a span of a couple of months!