Monday, February 27, 2012

My Ricky Romero Dream . . .

It goes like this . . . I was walking beside a quiet river. Nothing special. Off in the distance, I see Blue Jays pitcher Ricky Romero in the water. He was just having a soak, lazily treading.

I walk towards his direction, when I notice a half of a fin pop up on the water beside me. I frantically yelled, "RICKY! SHARK!" as the fin swam to his direction. Ricky stayed where he was until the big figure in the water reached him and pulled him under.

The shark's shadow in the water turned around and headed back into my direction. I grabbed a tree branch to try and slow the shark down. I put in in the water, held on and waited for it to pass me. As it crossed my tree branch, I felt a huge force pulling it away. The shark was big.

A few meters past me, emerged Ricky, with a tiny cut on his leg. Nothing else.

In my dreams, I thought, "Holy Fuck, these Mexicans are tough."

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Download This! Space Is Depressing As Hell w/CD Cover!

Okay. This is my first foray into Virtual DJ. There are some sloppy parts, just because I was drunk in the making of this mix. Hell, I'm drunk right now in the middle of this blog post!

I may have a problem . . .

Space Is Depressing As Hell

short circuit - after burner(intro)
mel c ft. left eye - never be the same again
michael jackson - human nature
anoraak - above your head
m83 - this bright flash
bon iver - babys(second date edit)
college ft. electric youth - a real hero
tegan and sara - alligator(toro y moi remix)
the one am radio - everything falls apart
lali puna - our inventions
young empires - enter through the sun(slow waves remix)
short circuit - after burner
teen daze - brooklyn sunburn
annie - anthonio(fred falke remix)
college ft. electric youth - she never came back

Download link here.


- I can't get over the synth-y-ness of College. It really takes me back to the 80's, when the only people that were doing it with ease in movie soundtracks only had first names like Jan, and last names like, Hammer. I've downloaded both College albums and they don't compare at all with their collaborations with Electric Youth.

- That Bon Iver track is beautiful. If it doesn't make you cry, then you have no soul. I didn't cry at the end of The Notebook, so what does THAT say about me?

- There is a loose theme to this. The space motifs, the astro-cosmonaut covers, and the odd titles complete the triumvirate. No more space themes, I promise! Did I ever mention that when I was young, I wanted so badly to be a space explorer? Must've been all of that giant robot anime that I grew up with.

- I still have that 2011 Jays Recap post that needs to be finished. Maybe it'll be done before the 2012 season starts. But maybe not. Do you think all of this scotch at my house is going to drink itself? My Netflix queue ain't gonna wait for me, either. So maybe I'll see you at the end of 2012, and blog about 2 seasons in one post!

- The main theme of this mix is that I'm depressed. Winter is brutal and I can't handle it. I made up a plan this year to combat it with a SADD light, a better diet, and a workout routine. Frankly, all I've been doing this winter is eating crap, drinking copious amounts of alcohol every night, and being miserable. I don't think I've even taken the SADD light out of the box! I really can't wait until summer!

Friday, February 10, 2012

A Mixtape Answer To Your Mixtape Question . . .

My housewarming party went off without a hitch(though I had to play a lot of Journey songs to get rid of the goat.), and my good friend Wayne left me a jug of wine and a beautiful mix.

Here is the tracklist:

1:lioness-you're my heart.
4:fuck buttons-rough steez
6:suuns-long division (fugazi cover)
7:devo-don't shoot (i'm a man)
8:kool keith-i'm seein' robots
9:A.R.E. weapons-don't be scared
10:death grips-spread eagle cross the block
11:zomby-things fall apart
13:the d'ubervilles-hot tips
14:valleys-tan lines
15:dirty beaches-lord knows best
16:lana del rey-video games
17:peaking lights-hey sparrow
18:arab strap-dream sequence
19:sleigh bells-rill rill
20:spinnerette-ghetto love

Of course, I have to answer back. Here is the proposed cover:

I intend to use the College track from the Drive soundtrack, since Wayne used the awesome Kavinsky song on his. I'm actually going to mix this with Virtual DJ, so this should be interesting.


Stay tuned!