Monday, February 27, 2012

My Ricky Romero Dream . . .

It goes like this . . . I was walking beside a quiet river. Nothing special. Off in the distance, I see Blue Jays pitcher Ricky Romero in the water. He was just having a soak, lazily treading.

I walk towards his direction, when I notice a half of a fin pop up on the water beside me. I frantically yelled, "RICKY! SHARK!" as the fin swam to his direction. Ricky stayed where he was until the big figure in the water reached him and pulled him under.

The shark's shadow in the water turned around and headed back into my direction. I grabbed a tree branch to try and slow the shark down. I put in in the water, held on and waited for it to pass me. As it crossed my tree branch, I felt a huge force pulling it away. The shark was big.

A few meters past me, emerged Ricky, with a tiny cut on his leg. Nothing else.

In my dreams, I thought, "Holy Fuck, these Mexicans are tough."

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