Friday, February 10, 2012

A Mixtape Answer To Your Mixtape Question . . .

My housewarming party went off without a hitch(though I had to play a lot of Journey songs to get rid of the goat.), and my good friend Wayne left me a jug of wine and a beautiful mix.

Here is the tracklist:

1:lioness-you're my heart.
4:fuck buttons-rough steez
6:suuns-long division (fugazi cover)
7:devo-don't shoot (i'm a man)
8:kool keith-i'm seein' robots
9:A.R.E. weapons-don't be scared
10:death grips-spread eagle cross the block
11:zomby-things fall apart
13:the d'ubervilles-hot tips
14:valleys-tan lines
15:dirty beaches-lord knows best
16:lana del rey-video games
17:peaking lights-hey sparrow
18:arab strap-dream sequence
19:sleigh bells-rill rill
20:spinnerette-ghetto love

Of course, I have to answer back. Here is the proposed cover:

I intend to use the College track from the Drive soundtrack, since Wayne used the awesome Kavinsky song on his. I'm actually going to mix this with Virtual DJ, so this should be interesting.


Stay tuned!

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