Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Upgrade

Would you let this fucking psychopath close out your games? Hell fucking no! This guy is a total flake, and not in a good productive way that closers tend to be.

The nuttier the closer, the more effective they are. But that isn't the case for Francisco. He has crazy electric stuff, and can throw through a brick wall, but his head needs a shake, or lobotomy. He was always too inside himself, prone to doubt and panic, leading to a lot of tense moments at the end of games.

He saved 17 but blew 4. His closer-partner Jon Rauch led in blown saves with 5, but he is Frank's opposite. Sound mind, no stuff. Rauch's pitch is a batting practice fastball. It's most likely we need to get a lively arm for the late part of games.

UPDATE: Both signed mercifully with the New York Mets. Their replacement, Sergio Santos, was plucked from the Chicago White Sox. He saved 30, and blew 6 games in 2011. Still, the 6 blown was lesser than Francisco and Rauch's combined, with more production on the tail end of Toronto's bullpen.

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