Saturday, November 27, 2010

We Are Moving!

That's right, folks!

Sorry about the lack of posts as of late. Just finished packing and getting ready for the move.

So, in bullet form . . .

Things We Will Miss About Hamilton:

- Sushi Delivery. Sushi To Go on James Street North provide us with that city-fied convenience of not having to leave your house for anything. Pretty good, too.

- The almost completed and revamped Public Library. If you've seen it, the place looks futuristic.

- My favourite vinyl stores. Both Cheapies and Dr. Disc are my secret retreats if I need to disappear for a few hours. As I've indicated in this blog, both have my weakness: The cheap, 5 for $1 vinyl bins.

- James Street North. I love the idea of walking up and down this street to sounds of Portugal in one part, to Africa in another. Also a healthy population of scene-sters are emerging in this area, steadily taking over with their Art Crawls and Super Crawls every month.

- This Ain't Hollywood. This bar is two blocks away from my house and I just found it. It's hip enough for this socially-inept blogger. It's not the Townehouse, the ElMo, the Wick, or Absinthe, but it'll do. Two blocks!

- "I Say Disco/You Say Punk!" at Club Absinthe. I'm honoured to say that I met my wife there. But before that, I found a basement bar that looked like a fire hazard, was dirty as hell, and louder than a motherfucker. But I couldn't imagine myself being anywhere else! Let's get good Hamilton!

And on another note, this is just our little secret . . . this blog is moving, too. We'll keep you posted!

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