Thursday, January 27, 2011

Will Blog For Food!

Not any kind of food, mind you.


The P90X diet is slowly shedding off my excess weight. Two weeks in, and I've already dropped 7 pounds! I look leaner, and I feel great. I have boundless energy. I'm at a pace where I'm going to surpass my goal.

So why must I spoil it by poisoning my body with bad food? Well, as humans we are a fallible creature. We are prone to make mistakes. We are not perfect. To expect ME to stay the course of perfection for a straight 90 days is fucking ridiculous.

Depriving yourself of primal pleasures such as enjoyment of junk food would kill your spirit, diminishing your success for 90 days.

So I'm modifying the P90X diet a bit, adopting what I learned from Body For Life, adding a cheat day once a week. I'll incorporate that cheat day along with days that I don't need to work out (and days when I need to replenish my cupboards with good food). It makes the journey a little bearable.

Mind you, if there is too much garbage in my system, I've noticed that my workouts go right to shit. So my cheat days will be a bit more controlled.

I've already made a list in my head of what I will have every week.

This week: WINGY-WINGS!

Click on the button to the right to BUY ME A COFFEE! Or a donut, or a danish, or a dutchie, or some cookies, or some muffins . . .

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