Monday, May 3, 2010

This Week's Shitty Blue Jay: Raul Mondesi


He is the most exciting Shitty Blue Jay yet. I remember him as a fiery player. I think he woke up pissed off. He always had that irritated look, every time they showed him.

But goddamn, he brought such swagger and excitement with every game he played. He could run, he could hit, he swung for the fences and tried to connect with every violent swing. He hit 24 home runs in his first season as a Jay 1999, and showed his promise.

His 1999 year was cut short because of a torn rotator cuff. Dave Martinez took his spot in the lineup. He performed admirably, but the team just wasn't the same after Mondy got hurt.

Mondesi stayed for another full season, got traded halfway through 2001. He was a career .273 hitter. For the Blue Jays, he hit a total of 66 HR, and stole 61 bases.

He was partly responsible for 'Latin Night,' at the SkyDome, citing that he felt the need to see more good-looking people at the stands.


Last seen bullying Little League kids out of their lunch money.

What YOU got on HIS fawty, Homie?!

Next week: Jose Cruz Jr.

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Callum said...

Raul is currently involved in Dominican politics, elected to the Dominican something-or-other representing his home province of San Cristobal. He also has his own Salsa band where he is the lead vocalist, no joke.

victorymanual said...

Awesome update, Mr. Callum! Who would have thunk that Mondy would be in politics?