Sunday, May 30, 2010

This Week's Shi . . . PERFECT Blue Jay: Roy Halladay

Fuck Shitty Blue Jays, at least for this week, for this time we celebrate a PERFECT Blue Jay, even though he is wearing another uniform. This week we celebrate Roy Halladay and his accomplishment of pitching a Perfect Game that was long overdue.

He last flirted with perfection back in 1998, as a Blue Jay, with just two starts into his major league career. He was one out away from the feat before Bobby Higginson butt-fucked his bid. Doc was a pitcher of promise before losing it all, getting sent down to the lowest minors to fix everything from the foundation up. And coming back stronger and nastier than ever(see "Oh Leroy Halladay").

He left for Philadelphia at the end of last season in the search for greener pastures, and a World Series ring to top off his already illustrious career. This bout of perfection is just another feather in his cap that will, in my opinion, be checking out at the Baseball Hall Of Fame.

It is bittersweet as a longtime follower and admirer, watching the highlights of every out. It makes me sad that we could never build THAT team around him, and I'm sure his former Jays' teammates were chomping at the bit over every put-out they watched, thinking, 'what-if that were me?' But it does make me happy that such a great and classy guy can reach one pinnacle of success that was well-deserved.

It just shows that good things DO happen to good people. There IS some form of justice in the universe. There IS recompense. There IS balance.

I'll say it again.

Roy Halladay pitched a Perfect Game! I'm pitching a Perfect Tent!


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