Sunday, July 4, 2010

This Week's Shitty Blue Jay: Tom Davey

This week is Tom Davey's.

I remember him as part of the relief corps for the Jays in 1999. At 6'7, he was a tall right-handed pitcher who had the mound demeanor of someone that is owed money by the person in the batter's box.

I recall during a series with the New York Yankees, during a close game, Davey was called in, and I could see him mouth the words, "let's get these motherfuckers!" I wasn't an impressionable kid by then, but holy fuck, I dug that attitude in competition. It was a lesson that aggression, well-channeled, brought positive results.

Unfortunately, aggressiveness was only one half of the equation. Ability and timing was the other, and poor Tom didn't have neither. He posted a 1-1 record and a middling 4.70 ERA before getting shipped out to Seattle partway in '99.


Still pitching relief for the Camden Riversharks of the Atlantic League. Not kidding.

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Next Week: Pete Munro!

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