Monday, July 26, 2010

This Week's Shitty Blue Jay: Brad Fullmer!

The DH experiment ended in 2000. Those useless fuckers, Dave Hollins, Geronimo Berroa, and Willie Greene were shuttled out of a job forever.

In came this chaw-chewing, steroid pumping, big-eared alpha with a chip on his shoulder, and gave all of them a good punt out the door.

Acquired as a free agent, much maligned by Montreal Expos manager Felipe Alou, Fullmer came into the batter's box every time with something to prove. His 2000 season was his best, as if it were a big, 'go fuck yourself,' to his former manager. He was such a meathead, that he had, 'CAN'T BREAK ME,' tatooed on his shoulder with Alou in mind.

And goddamn, were we ever tired of light-hitting, slow-swinging DH's by then. Fullmer was a welcome change, endearing him to many pissed-off diehards (like myself).

He was clutch, always coming through in a scoring situation, batting in 104. He batted .295, and was a hard out. He hit for power, slugged a career-high 32 HR in 2000.

He had one weakness, though. It was a weakness for doubles, hitting 29 in his first year as a Jay, and 31 in 2001.


Won a World Series with the Anaheim Angels, where he spent time on the DL with a bad knee.

Bad part was, nobody gave a shit.


Currently selling cars in California, likely with a plug-full of chaw in his mouth.


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