Thursday, July 15, 2010

The July Homestand

This July stay at home proved to be as eventful as it came.

In bullet form:

- cleaned the house.

- watched Canada Day fireworks, hammered.

- started enjoyable taste for Cuban rum.

- bought Mad Men, Season Three, and Winger's s/t at the BGO.

- cut the grass.

- took the kids to the waterpark.

- got guido-dark at the wave pool.

- used the clothesline for the first time this year.

- huddled the family together in one room to enjoy the air-conditioning.

- took Chewy for plenty of walks by the water.

- saw Passion Pit and Metric.

- missed Holy Fuck.

- attended a kegger.

- performed two keg stands.

- went to brunch at The Old Mill, deathly hungover.

- swam at a public pool.

- got jock itch.

- saw Lady Gaga, just in time.

- missed the opener, but who cares?

- visited CURIO in Waterford.

- bought Minutemen, Double Nickles On the Dime, on vinyl.

- ate lots of sushi.

- Bella even tried seaweed salad and crab!

- printed covers.

- bought Junior Boys, So This Is Goodbye, at the BGO.

- relaxed, when we didn't have to be anywhere.

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