Monday, April 26, 2010

This Week's Shitty Blue Jay: Geronimo Berroa

After enduring what was probably the longest baseball game ever in Blue Jay history last night, I wanted to remind people that games do tend to get long.

But shitty seasons with shitty Blue Jays are longer.

I couldn’t find a picture of Mr. Berroa, but I did include and post his likeness.

Toronto had a DH problem in 1999. There was not a one out there. During that year, they had a revolving door for a lot of these players hoping for a fit. The sad part was, none of them could hit for fucking shit. We were subjected to a year of swings and misses from every goddamn bum imaginable. The main culprits were Willie Greene, Dave Hollins, and Brian McRae, and the infamous Mr. Berroa.

Goddamn, they were awful.

I think I remember getting a phone call to try and fill the position, but I declined. The money would have hurt my swing. TEE-HEE!

I just remember late in the games when we were looking for that one clutch hit, that one big swing, I just recall Berroa always swinging that long, looping swing, not even close to the ball for strike three.

Anyway, this garbo Berroa hit .194 that year with 1 home run. One fucking home run! He ended his career with an average of .276, 101 HR and a .349 OBP.

Current Whereabouts

Do you feel a chill?

Nah, it’s just Berroa whiffing at a ball. Quite a breeze, though.

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Next week: Raul Mondesi

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