Monday, April 5, 2010

Meet Me At the Lali Puna!

Well, Motherfuckers, I never thought I'd see this day! Lali Puna are coming back with a new album! To all my wealthy friends, Our Inventions, comes out April 9th, hopefully including a tour of North America (stop by Toronto again, please?!).

I've been wandering through their website for so long, showing the same info and links to Faking The Books, I thought they all walked away from the whole thing.

I read that Valerie, their visionary, was taking some time off to make and raise babies. Since I know what that time off is all about (16 years and counting!), I figured that they were just another band that will never ever materialize again.

I passed on their only Toronto stop at Lee's Palace almost 7 years ago, and kicking myself in the ballsack ever since!

Lali Puna's aesthetic with sonically digitized electronica, clean lines so appealing, makes them an anomaly for being away a long time. It sounds like they never even left!

Check out their single, "That Day."

Here's to hoping for a Toronto show. Meet me at the Lali Puna!

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