Monday, August 2, 2010

This Week's Shitty Blue Jay: Otis Nixon

More Charity by the Jays.

We took a flyer on this guy in 1996. You all might remember him as that funny looking motherfucker that played for the Braves in the '92 World Series. If you had an allegiance with the Jays back then, you probably couldn't stand this guy. He JUST looked like the enemy(and always will).

One bit of recompense from that series: Otis Nixon was the last out recorded, 1-3, Timlin-to-Carter, and the Jays won their first championship ever.

Yeah. He was THAT guy.

So we got him in '96, as a stopgap outfielder, with sneaky speed on the basepaths. He stole 54 bases, caught only 12 times. He always managed to get on base, being a career .270 hitter. We traded him to Los Angeles the next year, thank fucking Christ. With the likes of Jacob Brumfield, Felipe Crespo, and Orlando Merced patrolling the outfield, there was really no place to put Nixon.


He hopped from team to team until Atlanta took him back in 1999. I think he was in his 70's by then(look at the pictures! He LOOKED old!), and retired with the club where he was most successful.


Made The Sporting News list of, 'Ugliest Ballplayers.' He's on the same list as Yogi Berra! That's an accomplishment!

Ugliest Ballplayers


After a career full of drugs and booze that would make Kelly Gruber blush(HEYO!), Otis cleaned himself up and, predictably, found enlightenment through Christ.

Nixon today runs On-Track Ministries. He is working towards obtaining his Master's Degree in Divinity.


Next Week: Dave Berg

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