Wednesday, August 18, 2010

This Week's Shitty Blue Jay: Mickey Morandini

Let's take a look at all of the 2nd Basemen post-Alomar to present.

Tilson Brito
Carlos Garcia
Craig Grebeck
Norberto Martin
Homer Bush
Ryan Freel
Homer Bush
Orlando Hudson
Aaron Hill

The names I didn't mention were just fighting for that 2B/IF spot. Names like:

Frank Menechino
Chris Woodward
Chris Gomez
Miguel Cairo
Jeff Frye
Cesar Izturis

And of course, Mr. Mickey Morandini.

Mickey was part of that enemy Phillies team that made it to the World Series against us in 1993. He looked like one of those dirtbags in high school, dirty blond mullet, 5-o'clock shadow and all. Like I said before, once an enemy, always an enemy.

He was bouncing around a couple teams when we traded for him from the Phillies in August 2000 for Rob Ducey. But he had this thing . . . he was totally useless. While he was thrilled just to be still in the Majors, that year was his last. In his last two months in the Major League, he had 29 hits in 107 at-bats, good for a .271 average, and stole a base.


Morandini currently resides in Chesterton, Indiana, where he is the head baseball coach at Valparaiso High School. He also owns and runs RSVP, a stationery store, with his wife. Not kidding.

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Next Week: Greg Myers

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