Saturday, March 13, 2010

Things To Miss About Hamilton #1: The Cheap Noodle

Pho solves everything.

In harsh times, where budgets are being stretched to the limit, I can always count on the inexpensive Asian noodle. The Udon, the Ramen, and of course, Pho.

When everything in the universe is out of whack, go to one of the many Vietnamese noodle establishments all over Hamilton, and have a some goodness to realign it back. My regular haunts are the Pho Dau Bo On Cannon or the one on Queenston, The Pho Bo on Barton, or the very best at Bien Thanh on Cannon, close to downtown.

None of these restaurants ever hurt my wallet, but my problems totally dissipate after a hot bowl of love. Make sure to ask for extra sliced meat!

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Troy D'Hondt said...

We are lucky to have one inexpensive Vietnamese place in Stratford. They have the best Pad Thai I've ever tasted and the Pho is damn good as well!

Though we do miss the number of options when we lived in Waterloo.