Wednesday, October 27, 2010

More About Nothing!

Quickly . . .

- That's that for me for this year's edition of country hardball. The better team got knocked out before they could even make it to the big dance. It was an inopportune time for the Phillies' bats to get cold.

Word on the grapevine is that Leroy was playing with a hernia. Talk about pitching your guts out! Next year, Doc!

Anyway, the baseball season is over. I couldn't care less about a West Coast Series.

- We are almost finished our time here up north, and I will be back to reality shortly. Before I go, look out for my post on some of Sudbury's greasiest spoons and some common sense tips on how not to be a fat fuck. You can start by not visiting this place:

- "Shitty Blue Jay," is still happening. Just trying to gather up some Carlos Delgado stories. So if you have any dirt on this guy regarding a sextape, farm animals, a foray into gay, snorting cocaine off a hooker's ass (sorry Mr. Gruber), or any other thing that may sound exciting, please email me. Dish the dirt.

- Eastbound And Down, Season Dos is fucking awesome and is in my psyche right now. Kenny Powers is the most awesome anti-hero that I could ever witness. Check him out making his Mexican baseball debut:

Another grapevine rumour: Kenny Powers will be back for a Season Tres!

- Be sure to check out my next mix. It's catchy as hell. No, not really. I just pull stuff together by purging out what I've been hoarding in my hard drive that isn't porn. There's not much of that. My laptop is 95% porn, 2.5% music, and 2.5% of my saved MSN chats from when I was online dating.

- Check out my friend Berlinda's blog. Her last post was about seeing Greg Dulli from The Afghan Whigs. I'm so filled with jealousy that I could send her some Haterade! Over here:

Greetings To the New Brunette

I'll keep you posted on the rest. Maybe.

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