Saturday, October 9, 2010

Download This! Take Me Somewhere Nice w/ CD cover!

Take Me Somewhere Nice

01 Al Corley - Square Rooms
02 Grum - Through the Night
03 Ke - Strange World
04 Mogwai - Take Me Somewhere Nice
05 Supergrass - She's So Loose
06 Anberlin - Impossible
07 Perez Prado - Que Rico El Mambo
08 Kisses - Kisses
09 Pet Shop Boys - Being Boring
10 Foamo - Generate Some Heat
11 Duck Sauce - Barbara Streisand
12 M.I.A. - Steppin' Up (Religion remix)
13 Yelle - La Musique (Lorenz Rhode remix)
14 Marina And the Diamonds - Oh No (Grum remix)
15 Kanye West - Runaway
16 Men At Work - People Just Love To Play With Words
17 Chromeo - The Right Type

Quick Quips

- This is my disclaimer that this mix is synth-heavy. Still good, though. Just open your mind.

- That Duck Sauce track will be in every basement dance club for a long time. Catchy. As. Hell.

- Most of these tracks I've used before in previous mixes. I like to recycle.

- I tried my hardest to find some Perez Prado on vinyl while I was honeymooning in Cuba. It's frustrating when nobody has it, heard of it, and tries to sell you some Buena Vista Social Club. I like my talent dead, people! DEAD!

- Watched The Motorcycle Diaries again. Still beautiful. I included a Perez Prado track from the movie. Enjoy.

- I'm totally in love with that LA band Kisses. It's synth-y melancholy. The way the reverb of Jesse's voice bounces around the room, affirms that THIS is a different melancholy. I hope that you love it as much as I do.

- That Anberlin single is quite misleading. "Impossible," is totally strong, but the rest of Dark Is the Way, Light Is A Place, is like watching a dick go limp.

- Ke was this weirdo that I saw a video of a long time ago. Just some funny-looking dude in leather pants with an unusually high range, being overly dramatic. Great song, though. Look him up. While you're at it, look this up (waving middle finger.)!

- The title of the mix as well as this blog is from the Mogwai song.

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