Friday, October 15, 2010

The '67 Supercub Project!

I saw this video years back, and decided that I wanted a moped.

I couldn't afford the real-deal Vespa scoot-scoots, so I found a much cheaper facsimile. Much cheaper.

Meet the Honda Supercub. Mine was born in 1967. I got it from some kid, who beat the shit out of it thoroughly, for $100.

I enjoy the fact that it was listed as #1 on Discovery Channel's 'Greatest Ever Motorcycles,' putting the Cub through all kinds of torture. They even drove it off a building! Watch it here:

It's been sitting in my basement now for a few years, gathering mould and dust while I gathered up parts, a plan, and a clue. I'm still deliberating in my head, while still trying to complete this project on the cheap.

If any of you dear readers have any connects, or a read on some old parts, contact me. It's much appreciated.

Here is the goal below:

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