Wednesday, June 16, 2010

So, I'm Back On Coffee . . .

So I've been relaxing for a few weeks and had to take a vacation from coffee.

What resulted was what seemed like an eon of lethargy, doubt, and sadness. Of course, the weather didn't help much, either.

For the past couple of weeks, I turned into a bland-eating, green-tea drinking, lump moping around the house. But we did get a lot of things done.

In bullet form:

- took Milo for a couple of pokes to the legs.

- got Chewy poked (HEYO!).

- sent out invites.

- took out a lot of garbage.

- cut the grass.

- revamped our dining room, thanks to IKEA.

- danced to Junior Boys DJ-ing at The Brain.

- have hipsters pull at my mullet at the Brain.

- booked the wedding DJ.

- caught up with some friends.

- had lots of Sushi.

- had plenty of Pho at the 'Dau Bo.

- had tremendous Mexican and booked the place for our rehearsal dinner.

- spent time with the girls.

- started a gift registry.

- got fitted for suits.

- took Chewy for plenty of walks by the water.

- missed Wingfest and the Art Crawl (intentionally! We were beat!).

Anyway, that's enough to keep us occupied at home for a few weeks. Hopefully, in July we just get to relax.

After the coffee deprivation and the bland diet, I'm back to a point where I can tolerate my favourite caffeinated beverage without angry-ing up the blood. Green Tea just makes me want to get into fights and let out some negative energy. It's good and all, but . . . WHERE'S MY COFFEE?!!!

(Click on the Paypal button on your upper right hand side to buy me a coffee, if not out of like, maybe out of pity. It's a buck, seventy-four for an extra large now, so get on it!)

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