Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Blue Jays Say Goodbye To JP Arencibia!

He's motherfucking gone!

As of last night, the Toronto Blue Jays have not tendered a contract to JP Arencibia, this blog's most famous lazy catcher, thus making him a free agent.

As I've alluded to before in other posts, his defensive shortcomings (and no ambition to improve upon them), his awful game calling, and the 2013 campaign of a .194 batting average, were the telling signs that he was due to get shuttled out of town.  The 13 passed balls from this year, and last didn't help him much, either.

Left-hander Mark Buerhle refused to let Arencibia catch him, for reasons of his questionable, and slow game-calling.  Buerhle is notoriously a quick worker when on the mound, and forced JP to play catch up.

So say goodbye to our much maligned lazy catcher.  He'll watch his career roll all the way to the backstop before he picks it up.

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