Friday, September 23, 2011

Jay's Talk!

The regular season is almost over. I haven't gone to a single game. I have observed every match on the TV. I'll have my final quips in blog form shortly.

But for now, enjoy the rest of the final games, then go to this guy's site:
mike wilner's blog

Go ahead and download the podcasts from his Jays Talk call-in program, which occurs after every Jay's game. If you download and listen, you will be treated to some very observant, intelligent people talking baseball, dissecting the game and discussing items rationally. You will also get a majority of retards calling in, talking entitlement(i.e. playoffs) and proposing all kinds of stupidity.

You're welcome.

I personally miss Wednesday night's edition, when a few years back, when much maligned GM J.P. Ricciardi would sit in and answer questions from said retards. It was a brutally honest J.P., fresh from the game's aftermath. His thoughts were always off the cuff, while remaining loyal, he would tear apart his own players and entertain the proposals from all of the dummies who call in.

If there were ever something of a baseball joy, it would be of myself sitting in a car tuned to the AM, prolonging whatever trip I was on, so that I could listen to every breath, every word, amidst all of the crackle of that obsolete media.

I only wish that the new GM, Alex Anthopoulos, would revisit Wednesday nights with the GM . . .

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