Thursday, June 16, 2011

Catching Up . . .

I love getting stuff in the mail! I got one from a buddy of mine months ago. Just catching it up now. This mix was buried in my car months back from the awful commute. Just popped it back in and is quite enjoyable.

Maybe eventually I'll get around to making a mix of my own. One can only dream . . .

He also sent me a, "may the 4th be with you," postcard in reference to the date and a Star Wars saying.

I forgot to send people to this artist's propaganda site which is chock full of Star Wars thingies. Go here:
Steve Thomas Gallery

He also has a bunch of other artworks with references from various movies. They provide a chuckle, like an inside joke but also quite aesthetically pleasing.

Red House For Sale!

I own a bit of property in Hamilton, and it breaks my heart to part with it. This is, by the way dear readers, the same property where I fell in love with my city.

I built an aluminum shed at the back in the middle of a windstorm. I replaced the roof myself, and had nightmares for weeks about falling off of it. My mother and daughter have both fallen down the stairs, multiple times. The value of the house is waaaaay more than what we've listed for.

Tell your friends, it's priced to sell. Send them to the link below for more info:
232 Bay Street, Hamilton


Somebody's gotta pay for my funemployment!

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