Sunday, February 14, 2010

I Say Disco, You Say Drunk!

One of the many things we will miss about Hamilton is goddamn "Disco/Punk," night at Absinthe. Located in the anus of downtown, a cramped, dirty basement bar that many people wouldn't be caught dead in, is my favourite place.

DJ Digisnail murdered the dance floor last night! He fucking killed it! His set pretty much had all the choice nugs from my "Chuck U Farley," mix,
, and by the time he got to play MSTRKRFT, I pretty much lost my voice. That's something special, because I usually save my throat for heckling prima-donna millionaires and the odd bout of tourette's.

This sure beats having one-person dance-offs in my living room. One of the best dance parties I've ever discovered up the street from my house, with like-minded indie-rock kids jam-packed in a little basement!

So hats off to you guys at Absinthe. You guys put on a hell of a drunkfest. I'll miss you.

Pictures in this post were used without permission. Try to find me, fuckers!

And ladies, why the hell bother LOOKING for Mr. Right? Go to Absinthe and FIND Mr. Right Now!